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About us

NumberBouk is a phone number directory that allows its Users to search by number, name, nickname, as well as e-mail. Now you can find whom the number belongs to, or find the number of the person you’re looking for. As well as who has called you and therefore you don’t have to answer to random or spam numbers trying to reach you ever again.

Also, NumberBouk allows for search for “places” closest to your location, such as: restaurant, hospital, pharmacy, etc. With “Places”, you are never going to be lost and wasting countless hours looking for a location of interest. NumberBouk easily picks up the landmarks and places of interest around you wherever you go.

Our features:

- Search by number, name, nickname, and email from all the corners of the world.
- Local proximity based search: find places closest to you
- This application is free of charge and doesn’t have in-app purchases.
- Registration is not required for search purposes. However you can register yourself by creating a profile, and add multiple nicknames, which will enlist you in the application’s database so other Users can find you easily!
- Doesn’t require logging in and out
- Uses 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection

Please note:

- NumberBouk application does NOT access the phone book contacts of any user, but rather, our database content is fully made up of the users that have registered their information and have submitted it to the application’s database.
- By installing and using the NumberBouk service you automatically agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
If you have any questions please e-mail us on